Whether you are a first time home-buyer, a seasoned home-buyer, or an investor we can help. We were first time home-buyers, we are seasoned home-buyers, and we are investors ourselves.  As a boutique real estate company, our main objective is to ensure the buying process is stress-free and quality of investment suit your needs.

How Much House Can I Afford?


You’ve made the decision to purchase a new home, so where do you start?  You can never prepare yourself too much

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  • Borrowing Power – It really starts here. What lender and financing program do you feel comfortable with?  What is realistically the budget that works for you?  What’s the reality of what you can afford?  We want to be involved from the beginning to ensure you are being advised correctly from the financial side.
  • Strategy and Planning – Now that we have our finances covered, it’s time to draft up a customized plan specifically for you and your needs. What type of property do you want – single family, condo, multi-family?  How many beds and baths do you want?  What type of space would you need?  Let’s go over some specifics and then match up realistic locations based on finances and your demand.


We now have an understanding of lending power and expectations. It’s time to get to work:

The Market Does Not Sleep

It’s important you have real-time information at your hands at all times. We have tools to ensure all listings that match your criteria are in your hands the moment they come to market, come back on the market, or are price-changed. We also have a steady inventory of off-market listings that may suit your needs.

Make Yourself Available

At this point, you should have a strong grasp of the overall market you are looking in. Remember, the market doesn’t sleep and you have competition. We need to make sure we are all diligent and available. Traveling for work or pleasure? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Using the latest and most innovative technology, we make sure you get a chance to feel what it is like in that potential perfect fit. We certainly don’t want you to miss out on your next home.


Identifying and negotiating are the key elements here. You have your financing in place, you know what you want, and now you’ve found that match:


We understand it’s difficult to not make the purchasing process emotional, but it’s ultra-important we purchase with our brain and not just our heart. We’ll work together by reviewing as many suitable comps as possible to get a better understanding of the market value range for the particular property you’ve chosen. We will negotiate with a plan. We will make sure you get the best possible deal you can.


Inspections will typically make or break a transaction after your offer has been accepted. It’s again important we go into inspections with thorough expectations and the realization that not any home is perfect. Remember, we purchase and invest with our brain, not just our heart. We’ll make sure any and all loose ends are tied up before proceeding further.

The Rest

You can count on us to be available for you every day. There are going to be a lot of questions and potential hurdles to overcome in the buying process. We pride ourselves on making the transaction as smooth as possible, while educating our clients on the entire process.